St. Francis…..of Houston?

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My mom is an excellent cook.

Since Pearl and I both agree that Grape Nuts cereal is an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I wouldn’t say I inherited that gene.

But that doesn’t mean Pearl (or I) can’t appreciate fine home-cooked cuisine.

Supervising the chef.

Pearl also isn’t above volunteering to be the official “sampler”…especially when the sample promises to be crunchy and crumble easily.

A homemade pizzelle fresh from Mom's new waffle iron

As it turns out, Pearl is not the only volunteer at the Cutts residence.

The other supervisor.

Once JP Morgan (my folks’ bottomless dachsund) figured out that Pearl was a pet not a snack, they agreed to tag-team Mom whenever tasty snacks were around!

St. Francis of Houston feeds her "flock"
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