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It isn’t every day that someone fetching and feathery releases his memoir.

In a flock made up of featherless beings, there might be the tendency to stop mentioning it after a time, on account of modesty and decorum.

But when you have feathers, you know modesty at this juncture is for the (um) birds.

This is because you have already seen how feathers are such a powerful tool to uplift the world one new (or repeat) reader at a time!

So if a paparazzi comes along and begs you to do a photo shoot with your new book, you might agree, because you know it will: a) make your VIP fans very happy, and b) uplift the world even more.

You want to do what?
You want to do what? A photo shoot of me with my new book? Don’t mind if I do!
Let's photograph this cute feathery side first!
First let’s photograph this cute feathery side of me “with book!”
And now we can do a fluffier version for this cute side!
And now we can do a fluffier version for this cute feathery side of me “with book!”
And then lets get one of me with my right cute pink foot forward.
Now get one of me showing my cute fluffy breast feathers “with book!”
And for the finale, a shot of me with my left cute pink foot forward!
And for the finale, let’s do a face-forward fluffy shot “with book!”

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

10 thoughts on “The Bird & His Book

  1. Oh Shannon and Pearl Right On. This world needs as much uplifting and we who live in it more now than ever. Please know the wonder that you all do, Pearl, you and the Grand Parronts do to lift a person’s spirits. It is the greatest medicine for my depression. Addicted to parrot love, Fids et al ! Much love to you Shannon you have created a piece of heaven on earth ! Love Denise and Vinny <3 <3

    1. “Grand parronts” – LOVE it!! Thank you for such kind words, Denise – I know just the sound of Pearl’s sweet little voice lifts my heart no matter what the day may bring – heaven = feathers! <3

  2. so sweet another time. I love those daily stories <3 and Denise is right, it is so very uplifting on a bad day. Has helped me, too, in the past. Greetings to the flock and scratchies to cute, little Pearl, Evaulla and my flock of 8 <3

    1. So glad Pearl’s uplifting effect is a blessing to you too, Evaulla! One of the many many gifts he gives me is our growing community here-everything in life is better with feathers!! 💕

      1. Not entirely true. Both your talents complement each other’s. After all, God knew what he was doing when he brought Pearl into your life. It’s a chain of events leading to the best consequence. I don’t believe anything is by chance, but rather that everything has its purpose! Have a beautiful day, full of feathers!!! 😀

  3. Those pics have made my day. I take pics like that and I give them titles when I add them to my folder. They are usually followed by the word: ‘series’. 🙂
    Happy because USPS notified my that your book..ahem, my book about you is being delivered today! Yaay…!!!
    You’ll be the first ones to know and of course, you can be sure that you’ll see pics of me with it. LOL!

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