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Into every feathery being’s life a little rain must fall.

Most days are super-cool. On those days, you might get to pounce on a giant stack of waffles, dismantle the wicker furniture, chew through some delicious window grout, and stare at the prettiest bird in the world for hours in your own personal mirror.

Other days, however, are slightly less cool. On those days, your large featherless assistant might take you to visit the V-E-T.

Pearl is a “special needs” cockatiel, so he has two vets.

One vet (Dr. Fronefeld) handles his permanently damaged left wing. The other vet (Dr. Fix – literally) handles everything else, including the quarterly mani-pedi (aka the wings, beak, and claws trimming).

Pearl hates the quarterly mani-pedi. He hates Dr. Fix. He even hates Karen, the world’s sweetest vet tech, who has birds of her own and cares for the office cockatiel, Goofy.

It is worth noting Pearl does not hate Goofy. Far from it.

Goofy is a male cockatiel who has one leg. Pearl is a male cockatiel who has one working wing and is missing several claws. They are twins separated at birth – clearly.

After conferring for a bit with Goofy, Pearl starts plotting their escape.

First there’s a play to Mom for a sympathy vote.

When that doesn’t work….

Making a run for it up and away from the birdie weighing machine (the round yellow bowl) while Dr. Fix and Karen are busy getting the claw trimmer ready.

Foiled again, he then starts to get creative.

Trying (with maximum cuteness) to remove Karen’s glasses so she can’t see him as he sneaks away.

Captured once more (it often takes both Karen and Dr. Fix to restrain him) he endures the final phase of the mani-pedi…the beak smoother.

Getting his beak rounded and smoothed. It takes one person just to make sure he doesn’t try to lick the smoothing drill bit.

Once Dr. Fix releases him and he has his final visit with Goofy, he goes back into his cage, at which time he displays this expression for as long as it takes to score a freshly toasted waffle (or two).

This look is called “the wounded cockatiel”. It is very effective.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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