The Loud Silver Hawk

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My feathery companion does enjoy a good spring (or summer or fall or winter) shower.

The first time I noticed the distinctive avian body language – wings trembling and held slightly away from her body, eyes wide and entreating, body crouched and neck extended forward – I thought she must be begging for something else. Food, a neck scratch, surely not…..a shower?

Yup. My tiny tropical lady ducked under the stream of water like it was an Amazonian waterfall.

Pearl. Air drying au naturel.

What she is not quite as fond of – despite numerous attempts – is the loud silver hawk…aka the hair dryer.

While the obvious discomfort in the pathetic, shivering, wet feathery mess that inevitably emerges after an avian shower seems worth it to Pearl, Mommy has a very hard time watching her go through it.

Hence – the offer of a blow dry.

Pearl shrieks and backs up the moment she sees it come out of the cabinet. The warm draft of air she likes – the mechanism in which it is delivered, not so much. Not only is there confusion about why the menacing-looking shiny silver thing with the strange call is holding back from finishing off its prey, but the warm drafts of air trigger her innate instinct to take off in flight.

Watching Pearl take off in flight is like watching a helicopter with only half a propeller. Might as well just crash and get it over with.

Oh god, here it comes.
Ooooh. Nice drafts. Nice warm drafts.
Maybe if I hold really, really still….
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