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Because my mom’s kitchen so frequently produces delicacies that my avian eagerly anticipates, every so often a spontaneous quality control inspection is scheduled to be sure the facility is up to par.

Usually, these inspections are themed.

This past Sunday, the inspection centered around the quality of the cooking implements being used to prepare preferred delectables such as waffles, english muffins, biscuits, and grilled cheese sandwiches.

First, a general visual inspection is conducted:

It is important here to completely scan the surrounding area for potential issues:

Next, the utensil-by-utensil inspection commences:

Followed by a tactile testing (only if deemed necessary):

After the inspection is concluded and the chef gets a passing score, the tester is very hungry (of course).

One of her favorite dishes has been prepared (and left out within easy view – although of course the expert judge is totally impartial and cannot be swayed by cheap tactics such as the site of a warm broiled buttered english muffin sitting alone and unguarded):

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