Thursday Q&A with Pearl: Waffle Chef Aspirations

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The large featherless being here….

One of the (many) best perks of being personal assistant to a VIP client with feathers is nonstop opportunities to learn.

Now we are delighted to announce Pearl has opened up the Q&A line to YOU, his VIP fans!

Ask him anything – we guarantee you he has an answer!

To submit your questions:

This week’s question comes from an aspiring featherless waffle chef.

Hi Pearl,

I have been a fan for some time now. I think we have a lot in common – for example, we both love to eat waffles.

In fact, I am an aspiring waffle chef. I wonder if you could share your favorite recipe and then I could make waffles for you to eat?

 waffle chef


Dear Waffle Chef,

Clearly you have a very sensitive palate (only the most sensitive palates prefer waffles to all the other dishes).

Stay tuned – my personal Small Chef is working on a cookbook of my favorite dishes to share with all my VIP fans (my large featherless assistant is in charge of typing it up, which explains the delay….).

Once the cookbook comes out and you make some waffles, I would be honored to eat them for you!

With love (& feathers),


….as dictated to his large featherless press secretary

Pearl demonstrates the proper "waffle taste test stance" he uses for all new waffle recipes.
Pearl demonstrates the proper “waffle taste test stance” he uses to evaluate all new waffle recipes.

Do you have a question for Pearl? You can submit your questions* by sending them to: (all questions are answered in the order Pearl receives them).

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