Thursday Self Esteem with Pearl

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When you are naturally very fetching and feathery, self esteem and self love comes so easily.

For those rare moments of doubt, you can always count on your large featherless assistant, who dives for the small rectangular flashing device every time you do…well, anything. One snap and a flash later and – oh, that’s right! I am so fetching! So feathery! So loved!

But not everyone can grow their own feathers for an instant self-esteem lift.

For this, it can be helpful to find a mentor.

If that mentor happens to have soft grey and white feathers, even better.

There is enough for each of us – for all of us – enough care, enough kindness, enough hugs, enough company. When you snuggle up to love, to self care, to self kindness, the world snuggles with you (sometimes even in the same blue fuzzy bathrobe that your Grandma gave to your large featherless assistant to give to you)!


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