Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “Top Secret Tea”

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Being born with fetching grey and white feathers all over your body has its ups and its downs.

Its ups, of course, include that you always look very cute and pretty! Its downs, on the other hand, include that it is hard to go anywhere where you won’t be spotted, recognized, and asked for beak-o-graphs.

This can make it necessary to find your own out-of-the-way spots where you can go to relax, recharge, chew as much cardboard as you want to and just take some quiet time for yourself.

Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian play:

“Top Secret Tea”

The stage curtains are open when fans enter the auditorium. They notice a selection of crunchy cardboard boxes on the stage that are set up to form a type of platform. The lights dim once, twice, three times…..suffice it to say every large featherless booty finds itself a seat promptly so as not to miss a moment of the action!

Hello, good to see you all again. Yes of course you will all receive beak-o-graphs for opening up after hours.
The large featherless being over there? Yes, that is “Mom,” she insists on coming with me everywhere to guard me. Even though I’m much fiercer than she is.
You have a lovely new selection of cardboard tea boxes for me to sample? Well let’s get to it!
I see what you mean about “both crispy and delicate on the palate.” You are really getting to know my tastes quite well.
What’s that, “Mom?” Paparazzi are headed this way?
Well, look – it’s been lovely – I look forward to trying more of your new cardboard flavors on my next visit.
Yes of course we can take an official press photo for these VIP fans.

And with that, the mysterious being known as “Mom” extends a finger and her pint-sized VIP charge hops on. They disappear around the corner together just as the horde of large featherless paparazzi comes into view…..

The End.


Shannon & Pearl

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Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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