Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “A Green Mystery Visitor”

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When you are famous and very feathery, keeping your calendar straight can become a real challenge!

Of course, ideally, this is something your (well trained) large featherless assistant would handle for you.


But sometimes you have to take matters into your own hands when there has been (yet another) scheduling snafu.

Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian play:

“A Green Mystery Visitor”

The stage set is fairly sparse, save for a large white home of some kind with a unique “open air” panoramic view.

When the entering audience notices the famous and feathery star perched on top of it, they rapidly commence to “oohing and aahing,” many of them reaching for their small rectangular flashing devices to capture such a rare public sighting.

Those who manage to snap a quick pic before they faint are rewarded with a photo to savor later on.

Um, hello. Who are you?
An appointment on my calendar for today? No, I don’t think so.
I wonder how such a mixup might have occurred…..ahhh…..MOOOOOOMMM!

The mysterious large featherless being known only as “Mom” presents herself promptly to attend to her pint-sized VIP client. 

It is worth noting she has no explanation for the apparent scheduling snafu. As usual.

Well alright then, since you’re here….state your name, rank and purpose of the visit.
To bring your favorite famous and feathery actor a tasty green snack, you say? Well, yes, now that you mention it, I am in the mood for a tasty green snack!

From here, all dialogue ceases. The curtain doesn’t close right away, on account of how the stagehands are all mesmerized by “cuteness” as the star delicately chomps and crunches his way through the crispy green mystery visitor.

Suddenly one of them snaps to and hauls the curtain shut. 

The. End.


Shannon & Pearl

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