Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “Stealth Salad Eater”

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Sometimes being a “black ops” secret agent – for example, .007, pint-sized super spy – is all about solving cases.

And sometimes it is about reconstructing old cases you’ve already solved so that new recruits can learn the ropes of sleuthing.

When a new recruit is sent in for training, the first thing that happens is that the training agent will re-enact the whole case. Then the recruit will have a chance to try to solve the case.

Then, after they don’t solve it, the senior agent will explain how to solve it so the recruit can learn each step of the sleuthing process.

The best “black ops” secret agent trainers, of course, don’t stage a training op. They put on a play! This helps the recruit learn AND lines the trainer’s pockets….which are already nicely lined with soft feathers, of course, but adding in some extra lining of green crispy paper is also nice.

Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian training op…er,….play:

“Stealth Salad Eater”

The recruit is handily disguised as an “usher.” Although after the third time the “usher” tries to give an attendee a “pat down” instead of just taking their ticket, his job description gets changed to “audience member.”

The recruit then situates himself right up in the front row, which puts him in hot water with VIP fans, who want those prime seats for themselves. This leads to a bit of a scuffle….and another job change.

The recruit is now situated backstage, where his job title is “assistant to the lead actor.” This way, the trainer can keep a close eye on him.

The rest of the attendees enter without incident and the play finally gets underway.

You look very suspicious….and green. Why are you so green?
Not talking, eh? That’s fine by me – I can get the intel I need in other ways.
Although you probably aren’t going to like those other ways….
Yes, I can tell by your flavor profile and overall “crispiness” that you are the recent escapee we’ve been searching for.
Well, yes, you are going right back in the pen again. Unless you’d prefer to go “down the hatch” instead….
Could I explain more about the second option? Why yes, I would be delighted to…!

By now, the new recruit can be seen scratching his head in the background. He has a confused expression on his face….which, unfortunately, is nothing new. 

The star, meanwhile, is otherwise occupied in delivering a thorough demonstration of “down the hatch” to the alleged suspect.

As the curtain closes, the recruit can be heard asking the other assistants backstage, “Can someone explain to me what is ‘salad’?”

The. End.


Shannon & Pearl

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