Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “The Case of the Missing Flingable Squares”

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When you are a top-secret pint-sized super spy such as .007, your life is necessarily full of surprises….even more than usual.

Because of your blacks ops training, you are unusually observant, and this means even the subtlest of changes won’t escape your keen eagle eye.

Sometimes you approve of the alterations, and sometimes you….don’t.

But since your large featherless assistant doesn’t enjoy either the keen powers of observation or sensitivity to ambience that you have, you need to make your disapproval as clear as possible so as to speed along the desired changes.

Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and feathery actor Pearl Cutts in his latest one-avian play:

“The Case of the Missing Flingable Squares”

As the VIP fans enter the theater, they can’t help but notice the stage looks very….colorful. It is an odd kind of sea-green color, and very different from their beloved petite star’s usual favorite color, which has been described as more of a “houseplant green.”

They take their seats quickly, and it’s a good thing, because then they can faint safely while seated when their hero suddenly strides onstage!

Hmmmm. My keenly observant black ops “eagle eye” is letting me know that something has changed.
So far, I really don’t like it.
For instance, where did all the white square crispy flingable things go?
Now look here, I know you’re around here somewhere. And you’d better come right out.
You can’t hide forever, you know. I am .007, and .007 always gets his man!
Yes, “Mom?” Was this your idea? Uh huh. I thought so. Remember in our training when we talked about how the large featherless assistant must run all her (bad) ideas by the VIP client first?

As the large featherless being known only as “Mom” gazes adoringly at her pint-sized charge, it is clear she is oblivious to any signs of displeasure, no matter how overt. 

This is nothing new. As the curtain closes, theatergoers are treated to the sound of a large “whomp!,” after which just one corner of the sea-green thing can be seen from its new position on the floor at “stage left”….

The. End.


Shannon & Pearl

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