Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

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Every day offers another chance to feel grateful. Thank goodness!

Gratitude is like when you sit in your nest and wait and you just know that the cutest, prettiest, most feathery lady bird will happen along any second to join you….

Talk about gratitude! In the meantime, you can feel grateful you are so cute and pretty and feathery and have such a posh and safe nest to offer, complete with 24/7 MommyGuard services!

A certain very cute, pretty and feathery someone gratefully waits for that special feathery and feminine someone…..

As part of our New Year’s intentions, Pearl and his mommy have decided to share a weekly “gratefuls” list here each Tuesday.

Please join us if you like! 🙂

Pearl is grateful for....
  • Ladybirds.
  • Posh nests.
  • MommyGuards.
  • Being born so cute and feathery and pretty.
Shannon is grateful for...
  • Any day that has Pearl in it.
  • Repurposed Easter baskets that bring her feathered sidekick such joy.
  • Tuneful (full volume) singing to liven up her workday.
  • The chance to work from home surrounded by her feathers and her shells.

Want to share yours and your feathers’ gratefuls here? Just post them in the Comments section below! 🙂


Shannon & Pearl

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie. www.animallovelanguages.com

4 thoughts on “Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

  1. Grateful that my neurotic Green-cheeked Amazon is becoming less so. Rather than screaming, she’s getting more self-empowered! She’s joining the family more and Flying where she wants to go occasionally rather than hitching a ride on a finger or shoulder. It has been slow going with her rehabilitation after getting her from the rescue 10years ago, but she’s coming out of her angry shell!

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