Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

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Every day offers another chance to feel grateful. Thank goodness!

A sudden rush of grateful feelings can feel like the unannounced return of spring – suddenly all the gray is gone, replaced with green and blooms and sunshine.

Gratitude is a free gift you give to yourself – there is an unlimited supply, and all you need to do to access it is remember it is there.

For the most help in remembering, it is great to share your life with a flock member who has feathers, since feathered beings naturally evoke gratitude every time you look at them.

A flock member with feathers whistles his customary cheerful morning greeting to his flock mate, the Bathroom Clock, reminding all of his flock mates to find something right away that they feel grateful for.

As part of our New Year’s intentions, Pearl and his mommy have decided to share a weekly “gratefuls” list here each Tuesday.

Please join us if you like! 🙂

Pearl is grateful for....
  • His flock mate the Bathroom Clock, who brightens every single morning.
  • His posh and comfy, cozy casa.
  • The chance to share his knowledge and wisdom with his large featherless assistant (who really needs it).
  • The chance to share “cuteness” with his extended flock of beloved VIP fans!
Shannon is grateful for...
  • Gratitude. Some days it is icing on the cake, and some days it IS the cake.
  • Pearl. There will never be enough words to say “thank you” for her soul bird’s companionship and love.
  • Nature – its patience, forgiveness, resilience and wonderfulness.
  • Air conditioning (it is August in Texas after all).


Shannon & Pearl

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