Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

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Even the smallest splash of gratitude can add sugar and spice to the blandest day.

Like walking into your kitchen one morning, only to discover a big, bright, shiny disco ball hanging where your dull daily overhead light used to be, thankfulness gets your heart pumping and your eyes sparkling and your feet moving, until all you can see and feel and think of is hope, possibility, wonder, joy, love.

Gratitude can awaken long-dormant creativity that is so powerful and revitalizing, you speed through the day’s to-do list just to get closer to it.

You might even choose to sing and dance your way through it – you just feel that good and grateful!

What do you do when you discover the perfect pint-sized disco dance floor right in the middle of your kitchen? You start grooving right away, of course!

As part of our New Year’s intentions, Pearl and his mommy have decided to share a weekly “gratefuls” list here each Tuesday.

Please join us if you like! 🙂

Pearl is grateful for....
  • Celebrations of all kinds, and the delicious delicacies they produce.
  • Fun days spent with the whole flock.
  • Being able to contribute so much to the festivities, including non-stop tuneful numbers everyone can enjoy.
  • Waffles. Oh, and waffles. And more waffles. So many waffles….
Shannon is grateful for...
  • Pearl, Malti & Bruce – this mama’s cup runneth over!
  • Making it through another whole year and getting yet another whole new year as a reward!
  • Birthday cake. How many ways are there to say “I love you?”
  • Her family, friends (local and everywhere) and entire extended flock.


Shannon & Pearl

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Cockatiel, redfoot tortoise and box turtle mama. Author, writer, pet & people blogger.

2 thoughts on “Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

    1. Oh thank you!! We did have fun – the addition of feathers and shells pretty much guarantees any party will be a fun one:). And thank you for your beautiful wish – that is my wish for you and your flock also! <3

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