Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

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When most people think of gratitude, they think of “bucket list” type things – like the “big gratefuls” pretty much everyone shares in common.

But gratitude can be quite petite as well – it can dwell in the teensiest moments, in the small kindnesses that only get noticed by those who are really looking for them.

Sometimes these are the sweetest grateful moments of all, because perceiving them takes such keen perception!

A cozy and comfy feathered flock member demonstrates gratitude for life’s most petite wonderful moments, like the warmth of his “priority” perch just inside his mommy’s blue fluffy bathrobe.

As part of our New Year’s intentions, Pearl and his mommy have decided to share a weekly “gratefuls” list here each Tuesday.

Please join us if you like! 🙂

Pearl is grateful for....
  • Warmth – so vital when the weather persists in staying so chilly outside!
  • Company – as a very vocal and social flock member, Pearl sure loves being surrounded by his flock!
  • Love – and being loved – it is just the best thing.
Shannon is grateful for...
  • The love of her feathers and shells – it is such a gift to share life with three such unique and special beings!
  • Every moment of peace in this war-torn world.
  • The chance to say “I love you” to those she loves.


Shannon & Pearl

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