Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

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Beings with feathers are naturally quite stylish. Since they always look so good, it is easy to wake up in an excellent mood. Gratitude flows right away, and often overflows….sometimes onto less stylish beings who need a little extra fashion boost.

Since it naturally follows that when you feel good you look good, and when you look good you feel good, the best way to get some of both is to adopt the look of a being who already exemplifies both qualities!

Since these beings are naturally quite grateful and ready to “pay it forward,” you can simply approach one and ask for tips. Soon you will be feeling better AND looking better – and feeling more grateful too!

Pearl and his (now more fashionable) large featherless assistant pose together to admire the fruits of Pearl’s “pay it forward” fashion advice!

As part of our New Year’s intentions, Pearl and his mommy have decided to share a weekly “gratefuls” list here each Tuesday.

Please join us if you like! 🙂

Pearl is grateful for....
  • Being born with such effortlessly classic coloration.
  • Sitting on his large featherless assistant’s head and leaving her little “presents.”
  • How slowly but surely, his large featherless assistant is finally learning from his fashion-forward example.
Shannon is grateful for...
  • Being able to wake up each morning with the happiest, cheeriest, most loving beings on the planet!
  • Being able to share her sweet flock with others who love sharing life with an interspecies flock!
  • Slowly but surely starting to feel better every day after her big health scare a few months ago.


Shannon & Pearl

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie. www.animallovelanguages.com

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