TWD (Total Waffle Destruction)

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I will admit it. I like Ultimate Fighting.

I find it fascinating that so many of the fighters have stories to share about how one mentor who believed in them changed their life. Equally fascinating is how most of the folks who come out talking trash about their opponent are the ones who end up losing the match. I think there is a lot of psychology to UFC.

But that is nothing compared to the daily matches I witness between a certain feathery someone and his delicacy of choice.

Simply put, the waffles don’t stand a chance in the grip of the Master of TWD (Total Waffle Destruction).

I can prove it.

Warm up round. The waffle’s still looking pretty good here.
The fighter’s juices are starting to flow now (literally).
The fighter administers the ‘grip o’ death’.
The waffle admits defeat. The Champion celebrates successfully defending his title.

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