Voyage of the Turtle: in Pursuit of the World’s Last Dinosaur

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I definitely have a fascination with dinosaurs.

After all, I have two of their modern-day descendants living in my house with me….

Exhibit A: a (very pretty) Parrot.


Exhibit B: a (very cute) Tortoise.


Yet there is still SO much I don’t know!!

Luckily, scientist-turned-author and conservationist, Carl Safina, seems to know everything I don’t….and he shares it in his amazing book, “Voyage of the Turtle.”


For instance, did you realize the leatherback sea turtle is the last of its kind on Earth today: a warm-blooded reptile (yes, a total contradiction in terms!)

Oh, and that leatherbacks can dive down deep – up to one mile or more (even though they breathe air just like we do!)

Leatherbacks use the Earth’s magnetic field as a worldwide GPS system so they can return to their own birthplace to lay a new generation of turtles.

And leatherbacks, unlike most other turtles, cannot retract their head and limbs for protection.

There is so much to learn and marvel at in this book!

But most of all, there is the hope that with shared understanding, we will all fight harder to ensure these modern miracles survive and thrive!

==> To learn more about Carl Safina & his booksCLICK HERE

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