Weekend Reading List: “Chasing Cheetahs”

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Here at Casa Feathers n Beak, reading is a flock-wide tradition.

While some of us like to focus on the words on the page, while others of us prefer to focus on the crispiness of those pages, it is safe to say no book entering this household lacks for attention.

So Pearl thought it would be a great idea to combine his literary knowledge with his mommy’s typing skills to share more about books we both love – just in time for your weekend reading list!

This week, the book is “Chasing Cheetahs by Sy Montgomery.

Pearl’s review: Hmmm. I’m not sure why anyone would want to chase one of these beings. Of course, when you are fetching and feathery, you don’t have to chase anyone – they all come to you! For a book that doesn’t involve any chasing at all, I highly recommend this great book!


His mommy’s review: Sy Montgomery has written a number of books for adults and a number of books for young readers (teens and kids). What is so cool about the books for the younger set is the amazing PICTURES. The writing is still great, and in addition it is really neat to get such a detailed view of the subjects and their natural habitats. (On a personal note, I didn’t know that cheetahs could run as fast as a car driving down the freeway – which makes me really glad that they don’t live in Texas!)

Happy reading!

With love (& feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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