Weekend Reading List: Kingbird Highway

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Here at Casa Feathers n Beak, reading is a flock-wide tradition.

While some of us like to focus on the words on the page, while others of us prefer to focus on the crispiness of those pages, it is safe to say no book entering this household lacks for attention.

So Pearl thought it would be a great idea to combine his literary knowledge with his mommy’s typing skills to offer a “book o’ the week” review – just in time for your weekend reading list!

This week, the book is Kingbird Highway” by Kenn Kaufman.

Pearl showcases how much more compelling the cover art would have been with a hookbill species on the cover.
Pearl, showcasing how much more compelling the cover art would have been with a hookbill species (preferably one with grey and white feathers) on the cover.

Pearl’s review: Well, the cover art is pretty good, although it could have been better. I’m still not sure what an “extreme birder” is, although I suspect they are referring to my mommy, since she looks at me all day long and follows me around pointing that small rectangular flashing device right at me. At any rate, while I’m sure a “kingbird” is an interesting species, for the most interesting birds-eye view into avian life, I highly recommend this book instead!


His mommy’s review: I loved the movie version of this book, which was called “The Big Year.” Simply fabulous. The book was really good too. I didn’t realize the author was only 9 years old when he first became obsessed with birds. I could really relate to that (although his obsession was more about birds in general, while mine was specifically focused on birds of the hookbill variety).

Happy reading!

With love (& feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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