Wet Bird Couture Presents: The Hoopoe

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The hoopoe is a very intriguing avian.

Best known for its crown of rusty black-spotted feathers (which many believe indicates its royal origin) the hoopoe flies like a butterfly, croaks when disturbed and wheezes during courtship.

Males compete for ladybirds by trying to stab their rivals with their long sharp beaks; mama birds secrete yucky liquid from their glands to protect their eggs and the young hiss like snakes to repel intruders.

Clearly this is a species after .007’s own heart.

A hoopoe, crest unfurled. (image courtesy of National Geographic)
A hoopoe, royal crest unfurled. (image courtesy of National Geographic)

Without a doubt, the model that can pull off this look – uncompromisingly fierce yet genteelly refined – will be singular indeed.

Wet Bird Couture is proud to present its latest must-have look: “The Hoopoe!”

Here, notice how the model's understated crest flows back from the neckline as he prepares to display it.
Notice how the model’s understated royal crest flows back, up and away from the neckline as he prepares to display it to woo ladybirds.

With love (& lots of feathers),

Shannon & Pearl

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