Wet Bird Couture: The Crazy Love Hawk

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As every “Rio” fan already knows, the Crazy Love Hawk always gets the ladybird.

It is all about confidence.

And fierce featheriness.

And (of course) tail feathers.

Basically, you want to look like this:

Pedro from Rio demonstrating the "Crazy Love Hawk."
Pedro (from “Rio”) demonstrating the smoothly cool and confident demeanor of a “Crazy Love Hawk.”

For “visual learners,” this video provides a helpful demo:

Click to play the video.
Click to watch Pedro demonstrate the “Crazy Love Hawk” in action!

While it is great to project a confident swagger every day, it is especially ideal on the “Day O’ Love,” when ladybirds everywhere are eager to be wooed.

Today, on Valentine’s Day, Wet Bird Couture is proud to unveil its latest must-have look, the “Crazy Love Hawk.”

Notice how the model's coolly confident demeanor plays up extra-spiky crest feathers as they lift sharply up away from the neck line.
Here, notice how the model’s cool and confident demeanor complements his “Crazy Love Hawk” crest feathers as they lift sharply up and away from the neck line.

Author: Shannon Cutts
Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

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