Wet Bird Couture: The Dragonfly

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Dragonflies are beautiful, ethereal creatures.

A dragonfly.
A dragonfly.

In a happy coincidence, this is not the only quality they share with their equally beautiful counterpart, the cockatiel.

For instance, did you know dragonflies are considered (by Wikipedia at least) to be “important predators” that eat mosquitos, wasps, ants and other items humans don’t particularly enjoy?

Cockatiels just so happen to fulfill a similar service, consuming copious quantities of millet, wicker, paper, cardboard and of course grout and mini-blinds.

The dragonfly is also noted for its delicate and graceful wings and tail, which arc up, out and away from the body, giving the appearance that the creature may take flight at any moment.

In the same way, even while land-bound the cockatiel’s delicate feathery crest gives an ever-present illusion of flight.

Introducing “The Dragonfly,” the latest must-have look from Wet Bird Couture.

Notice the delicate lines of the crest as it arcs up, out and away from the body starting around the neck line. This gives the illusion of flight even when the model is stationary.
Notice the delicate lines of the crest as it arcs up, out and away from the model’s body, starting around the neck line.

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