Wet Bird Couture: The Faux Hawk

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Hawks are scary.

They get hungry a lot, they are great fliers, they like to swoop down from the sky and they have long sharp talons.


A "red-tailed hawk" - and clearly a hungry one (image courtesy of National Geographic).
A “red-tailed hawk” – and clearly a hungry one (image courtesy of National Geographic).

But what if you could make even the most ravenous hawk think you were family – or at least a good friend?

It would then become totally uncool for one family member to attempt to consume the other….problem solved.

Enter the “Faux Hawk.”

Not only is this a refreshingly edgy look, but the Faux Hawk also provides a handy disguise (should one become necessary on short notice).

Here, media personality April Woodard models the "Faux Hawk" style.
Here, media personality April Woodard models the “Faux Hawk” style.

Introducing the “Faux Hawk” – the latest must-have look from Wet Bird Couture.

Notice how the spiky neck and crest feathers lift effortlessly away to point here and there just above the neck line (stylist note: this look works even better when the model is sporting naturally spiky pin feathers during molting season).

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And we love it. And you tell us you love it. Yay!

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  1. Tell Pearl to keep up the faux hawk! Mainly because it’s cute and doesn’t at all make him an ACTUAL hawk….which is good because then I’d have to not visit the blog anymore due to hawks’ number one mission in life being to eat me when they sense my fear!

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