What a Bird Wants, What a Bird Needs…

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My little feathery gal is just as particular (and sometimes downright persnickety) as any human I’ve ever met when it comes to her wants and needs. Such as….


Waffle. The all-time favorite birdie treat.


Pearl sitting quietly on her perch in the “Tall Tree” (aka my Dad).

Neck scratching.

Neck feathers – a nightly ritual.

Belly kisses.

Mommy never can resist.


The more colors, the better.

A fierce demeanor (every gal needs one, especially when it’s time for the V-E-T).

V-E-T? Not me. Uh Uh.

A great view.

With a permanently damaged left wing, she may never fly, but Pearl can appreciate the great outdoors as any wild bird would.

Spa days.

Pearl LOVES to stand under the stream of the shower.

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