What Peanuts?

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I am always surprised at the appreciation my little gal has for new culinary adventures.

The other day, my mom (who shares Pearl’s enthusiasm for the digestible new and different) says to me, “Give Pearl a peanut.”

My response, “Oh, I doubt she’ll like peanuts. Plus, they’re too big for her to get her beak around.”

So much for my so-called expertise about the eating preferences (and ingestion abilities) of small avians.

Approximately zero seconds after being offered the peanuts, this is what I observed:

Peanuts? What peanuts?

The peanuts had magically transformed themselves into tiny peanut particles. And Pearl was clearly claiming innocence.

So I decided to try to fake her out. I looked away for a moment, and when I looked back, Ms. Innocent had morphed into Ms. Territorial:

MY peanut particles. Mine. All mine!

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