What Pearl Wants for Thanksgiving!

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When you have feathers and you are very (very) cute, you pretty much get whatever you want.

There are a few exceptions, however.

For example, you don’t get anything that is specifically on the off-limits household “Avian Safety List.” Off-limits items may include wall paint, crispy mini blinds, crown molding, the shelled beings’ lunch…..you get the idea.

You also don’t get to beak-o-graph crispy book covers – even if they are your own book covers! – UNLESS one of your wonderful (fabulous, beloved, adored) VIP fans happens to order one!

Then your large featherless publication assistant will let you beak-o-graph that book cover to your heart’s content.

Beak-o-graphing book covers is very fun. It is so flingable (a technical term). It is a great way to spend Thanksgiving day – and every day, for that matter!

And if you are reading this Thanksgiving day blog post right now, you are one of Pearl’s VIP fans, which means you can help make Pearl’s Thanksgiving day wish come true!

Crispy book covers, bring ’em on! Come one, come many, Pearl wants you to know his sharp curved beak is ready!

And he just happens to have a suggestion for which book he can beak-o-graph for you – his new Recipe Book (co-written with his personal Small Chef, aka Grandma) is ready for PRE-ORDER!

So order now! Order often! And let the Day O’ Gratitude beak-o-graphing bonanza begin!

Happy Thanksgiving from our flock to your flock!


The large featherless assistant

The Tall Tree

The Small Chef



The wild & woolly furred being (aka Flash Gordon)

Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book is available for PRE-ORDER!

Order your beak-o-graphed copy today and Pearl’s large featherless publication assistant will have it winging your way “right away no waiting” (or by early January at the latest)!


Your pre-order supports a cause worthy of .007 himself!
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