Wheatgrass for One

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Wheatgrass is packed full of nutrients – which is not the sort of snack the feathery member of our household normally seeks out.

However, recently my folks bought new state-of-the-art self-sustaining tanks for our two betta fishes, Boyd and Gill.

Part of the overall ecosystem of the tanks is contained in the top five compartments where wheatgrass seeds use the moisture from the water to germinate, sprout and grow.

Owing to the preferred green color of the wheatgrass, this interesting ecology caught a certain feathery someone’s eye.

Oh! Something long and green! Looks just like houseplant.
Oh – a new restaurant. I haven’t tried this one before.
Yup. Tasty.
This dish is quite tasty – the flavor is a lot like houseplant I’d say.
Very tasty, as a matter of fact.
Yes – a fresh, light taste and consistency. I am really enjoying this.
Wow. I'm surprised everyone isn't snacking on this.
Wow. With cuisine this fine, I’m surprised I even got a table.
And a very nice ambience to this restaurant I must say.
Uh oh, I see the large featherless diners approaching. I’d better act casual.

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And we love it. And you tell us you love it. Yay!

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