1. Well the Tall Tree and the Feathery one seem to both be making a fashion statement in grey. And I think the little grey one seems to be winning.

  2. Well that saying about animal companions being like their human companions is true lol. My bird and I have an understanding, go through the routine every morning but on Saturdays I sleep in and he comes from wherever he’s decided to sleep (he goes through phases and chooses a different place to sleep every few months, that is since he decided he was too old to sleep with me anymore 🙁 ) and sleeps for a while longer in the palm of my hand. That’s after we’ve gotten up and refreshed first, and then go back to bed – the kitty joins us in these waking routines.

  3. Awww lol! I live in London and so it’s much colder here and for longer so when it’s really cold and we have the radiators on, our bird and cat take a radiator each facing each other and sit on them. They pretty much stay there for as long as they can. Then when it’s really hot in Summer they stay still i.e. don’t mess about and drive us crazy, until the heat starts to simmer down in the afternoon before they start running amok.

  4. Music soothes the savage beastie 😀 – and I can imagine you both have vocal/sound games you play together with different noises. It’s the same here, though my parrots are Amazon parrots, so they are small but still loud enough to hear down the street (look out Celine Dion!) but no matter how maniacal one of them in particular is being or how worried the other is being, they love the voices of ‘songbirds’ like Mariah Carey or Sarah Brightman. Those strong, pure voices with a lot of range – I suppose they can appreciate and relate to those. I’m not too sure how a cockatiel sounds as it’s been a while since I’ve seen one but I know that alot of us blessed and cursed (same difference) human ‘owners’ end up with hearing aids in the later years whether our birdzilla chirp or squawk (which we know turns to screech and scream a lot and I thought I was a moody little git! Well they’ve shown me ha!).

    • Yes – Pearl loves to “sing” along with me when I play guitar (and bite the strings) and she adores music….especially new age stuff that sounds like tropical rainforests. She also loves flute – although I can’t say I love the sounds she makes when she is “conversing” with the instruments. I can’t imagine having more than one bird singing away – post a pic of your parrots if you can! 🙂

  5. Awesome blog and you both certainly do look like you make a great team. I can understand the devotion between a person and their friends of the feathery variety.

    All the best!

  6. I thought you were going to show me how to fix the neck scratches on my guitar…but this was better. ; )