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  1. Well the Tall Tree and the Feathery one seem to both be making a fashion statement in grey. And I think the little grey one seems to be winning.

  2. Well that saying about animal companions being like their human companions is true lol. My bird and I have an understanding, go through the routine every morning but on Saturdays I sleep in and he comes from wherever he’s decided to sleep (he goes through phases and chooses a different place to sleep every few months, that is since he decided he was too old to sleep with me anymore πŸ™ ) and sleeps for a while longer in the palm of my hand. That’s after we’ve gotten up and refreshed first, and then go back to bed – the kitty joins us in these waking routines.

  3. Awww lol! I live in London and so it’s much colder here and for longer so when it’s really cold and we have the radiators on, our bird and cat take a radiator each facing each other and sit on them. They pretty much stay there for as long as they can. Then when it’s really hot in Summer they stay still i.e. don’t mess about and drive us crazy, until the heat starts to simmer down in the afternoon before they start running amok.

  4. Music soothes the savage beastie πŸ˜€ – and I can imagine you both have vocal/sound games you play together with different noises. It’s the same here, though my parrots are Amazon parrots, so they are small but still loud enough to hear down the street (look out Celine Dion!) but no matter how maniacal one of them in particular is being or how worried the other is being, they love the voices of ‘songbirds’ like Mariah Carey or Sarah Brightman. Those strong, pure voices with a lot of range – I suppose they can appreciate and relate to those. I’m not too sure how a cockatiel sounds as it’s been a while since I’ve seen one but I know that alot of us blessed and cursed (same difference) human ‘owners’ end up with hearing aids in the later years whether our birdzilla chirp or squawk (which we know turns to screech and scream a lot and I thought I was a moody little git! Well they’ve shown me ha!).

    • Yes – Pearl loves to “sing” along with me when I play guitar (and bite the strings) and she adores music….especially new age stuff that sounds like tropical rainforests. She also loves flute – although I can’t say I love the sounds she makes when she is “conversing” with the instruments. I can’t imagine having more than one bird singing away – post a pic of your parrots if you can! πŸ™‚

  5. Awesome blog and you both certainly do look like you make a great team. I can understand the devotion between a person and their friends of the feathery variety.

    All the best!

  6. I thought you were going to show me how to fix the neck scratches on my guitar…but this was better. ; )

  7. Hi,
    cool website you got here.
    im doing a project on archaeopteryx and i was just wondering if you could help me out: where did you get your first image of its skeleton from?
    your help would be very much appreciated

    • True that, true that! Thank you for the compliment – I so rarely see the pure white/grey tiels, except for daily in my own home of course! πŸ™‚ Your little baby is a beauty too! Thanks for reading!

  8. Hey, Shannon! I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your blog and ‘nominated’ you for the Sunshine award; I know it’s essentially a chain letter, but I like that it is a way to share some of my favourite blogs – and so did it anyway. Best! -S.

    • JP now understands that Pearl is a pet not a snack – so that is helpful. They’ve been together since both were babies so they pretty much see each other as part of the larger “flock” by now. πŸ™‚ Thanks for reading Shirley!

  9. First, what is there not to love about combining Miss Manners and Pearl? One of my favorite ladies might say, “Feed the bird first, dear. It’s only polite.” Loved this post.

  10. Thank you for the wonderful review of my story! The best thing about being a writer is hearing that I have touched the life of a reader. I wanted to write my story for other animal lovers and to also give readers a glimpse into sharing a home and life with an opinionated, stubborn, goofy parrot. Thank you for your support.

    • You are so welcome, Jessica! I too am super-psyched every time I can connect with other animal (and especially parrot) lovers to share the wonders of life with an ever-unpredictable set of wings! I loved your story with Ben….recommended it to the folks who get my monthly ezine too! πŸ™‚ Hugs to you and Ben!

  11. She is a he?! I was confused for awhile, wondering if perhaps I had mistakenly been referring to Pearl by the wrong pronoun. (Mishka is a boy, too, but we gave up trying to change and decided we’d just call her a ‘she’ after all. What can we say, she’s a gender-equality parrot, haha!) Still, Pearl is so very handsome/pretty.

    • Haha – trust me, we were confused too! Turns out my gal bird is a guy bird….it took joining the National Cockatiel Society to find it out though! I agree – parrots don’t care whether they are female or male. But it sure can confuse their parronts!

  12. I have two cockatiels (one is named Mango, hence my user name) and they absolutely destroyed my last remote. So many buttons were bitten off and gone. Then I moved into the apartment I live in now and had to have the cable guy over again to set everything up. When I gave him my remote he was like, “What the hell happened to this?!” I told him it was the birds, which then got me talking about my birds (seriously don’t do that. I’m worse than people with kids) and then I opened my laptop and said, “here is a picture of them!” Which I had as my screensaver. He looked, just being polite because most people don’t understand how amazing birds are. Then I cheerfully said, “Yeah, I had to get a new mouse a while back because they killed that too.” He looked very startled and said, “What?!” I repeated myself and then he said, “You fed them a mouse?!” LOL I said, “Nooooo, they killed my corded mouse for the computer. I had to get a cordless one.” He was relieved and said, “Well I thought maybe from the picture…” Mango is a lutino mutation and is pale yellow. Her eyes are red, which you can’t really tell in person but always shows up in pictures. So he saw her picture with crazy devil-bird red eyes and then I told him they killed a mouse. He really thought I had violent birds over here. They’re only violent to a stick of millet. Oh and rice. They really love rice. πŸ˜‰

    • OMG…killed a ‘mouse.’ That is hilarious! My bird just killed a mound of couscous….he also enjoys dismantling rice noodles, anything wicker and anything off-limits. LOVE that you can’t resist talking about the kiddos…me neither!

    • Haha! Mine can’t get to either of those options….I have hidden them in the closet. But during the rare moments when Mommy doesn’t keep hold of the iphone that is fair game, that’s for sure! πŸ˜‰

  13. LOL, Mr. Tibbs is completely opposite. He loves things that ring or whistle and he will not eat Cheerios. I love the different personalities of Cockatiels!

    • Haha-I agree! All tiles are so different and so precious! Thanks for sharing more about Mr. Tibbs with me and Pearl!:)

      Message courtesy of Shannon. Typos courtesy of Pearl.

  14. Another interesting fact about parrots: they cannot contract (or spread) rabies. How did I come to research this issue? Well, I went on a cruise. It stopped in Cozumel, Mexico. I got off the ship and went shopping. One of the little stores I stumbled upon had an owner who had a medium sized parrot named Pedro. Of course I am drawn like a magnet to such things. The owner said, “Pedro likes the ladies.” And then Pedro said, “Ladies!” I was charmed. I said, “Oh handsome birdie! Do you want to step up?” and put my finger out. Yes, bad idea Pedro took a nice chunk out of my finger. It is always disturbing to be bitten by something you were trying to be nice to but I really wasn’t that worried about it until I got back on the ship. Then it occurred to me: I was in Mexico. They don’t necessarily have the same standards as the US. I was pretty sure birds didn’t get rabies, since the vet never wanted to vaccinate mine for it but I had to do some research to be sure. So I did. Because rabies is NOT something to take chances with. Anyway, my finger healed fine. And I did not learn my lesson. I still try to interact with birds who seems friendly. πŸ™‚

    • Wow – that is really good to know Vanessa! I didn’t know that either. Thanks for sharing so others can know. πŸ™‚ It sounds like a more accurate statement might have been “Pedro likes how the ladies taste.” Yikes!!

  15. So cute!

    I have had my quaker, Basil, land in my pasta and sit there in the center of the dish with both her feet inside the pasta… Also, dive in my chicken soup to grab a piece of chicken, and then fly away with the speed of light LOL… Steal the whole top of my sandwich and run for it…

    It just doesn’t taste good, unless it’s stolen from Mom!

  16. What a delightful blog! I have two little parrots that are also the Prettiest Birdies in the Entire World. It can be exhausting keeping up with their demands, but it’s a small price to pay to live with such prettiness.

  17. Love Pearl! I agree with the statement about Cockatiels. They do not ask for permission, they just do it! Mr. Tibbs gives me a 5 second head start to read his mind, then afterwards he just jumps right in, lol.

      • I love Pearl. He is so adorable. I have a little female pied tiel he might like. Mine eats every meal with us whether invited or not. I have 10 birds, but only my tiel lives in the main house, the rest are in their own sun room. But Bandit is number one and sure to let everyone know she is ready, willing and able to eat what you put in front of her.

        • I love Pearl too, Marilyn! πŸ™‚ Bandit sounds like a doll – I am sure Pearl would like her very much – so long as there are enough delicious victuals to share….!

  18. I am really enjoying your blog, Shannon. Pearl is very, very handsome. I have a grey/white cockatiel also named Toddle Bird. He was my first bird 10 yrs ago. I have 7 total now; 2 Macaws, Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, African Grey Congo, Sun Conure, Pied Senegal and of course Toddles.

    • Hi Jill – sounds like you have a great deal of lovely, handsome companions of your own!! If you want to post pics of your babies on Pearl’s Love & Feathers facebook page I’d love to see them! (and for the record, Pearl wholeheartedly agrees with you about your assessment of his handsomeness – as does his proud Mommy!) Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome. I will try and get some pictures together and post them for you! If you just can’t wait, I am on Facebook, Jill Jasper, and I have some pics there for you to view! You will know me; my profile picture is of my late Elvis.

  19. Hi Pearl you are so cute I have a tiel like you his name is Ockroc he is all most the same colors as you God bless you and your family <3

  20. You are gorgeous!! We keep telling Mom we need a friend like you in our flock, but she thinks 8 feathered people are more than enough πŸ™ So we can share you and pretend you’re one of us….

  21. Some of us will eat oatmeal, but only if Mom didn’t make it special for us. We do like our snacks of birdie chex mix…corn chex, cheerios, shredded wheat and popcorn and sometime almonds thrown in.

  22. Hi Pearl!! Our birds at Linduhs Nest really like you cause you’re so cute. Today they had pasta with corn and peas, and chop of broccoli, carrots, celery and acorn squash. Yum…we always troll under the cages for what they drop. Hehe

  23. Oh Pearl. We have to comment because when Momma started to read this she had to run into the other room to finish so our flock at Linduhs Nest didn’t see it and get any ideas!!

    (We don’t think you look guilty, but more like Sherlock Bird discovering clues to find the culprit) Arf Woof!

  24. We have a Pearl cockatiel appropriately named Pearla! She is a love… We call her a perpetual 2 year old… She’s my “daughters bird” although she does enjoy being with everyone!

    • Awwww – LOVE Pearla’s name! “Perpetual two year old” sounds accurate for what we experience in this household as well….Pearl is my baby (in terms of if he is sick, hurt or scared) but in terms of preference he is in love with his grandpa (the “Tall Tree”).

  25. I’m loving your posts:) just wondered if you’ve read a book called Corvus by Esther Woolfson or The secret lives of garden birds by Dominic Couzens. Both are brilliant books. I’ve become fascinated with all things Bird to try and stop my ocd thoughts and the more I find out, the more amazing they become:) If you like seagulls, then you’ll love a video on youtube about a seagull who steals doritos from a shop in Aberdeen in Scotland lol xx

  26. No worries at all – his grandma still calls him ‘she’ sometimes too. Pearl doesn’t mind – as long as it is followed up by “pretty”. Or, preferably, “very pretty”! πŸ™‚

  27. What a great blog spot for you and Pearl. I love him! He’s much bigger than Cheeky. Cheeky weighs 56 grams! I think he’s the tiniest conure I ever saw. Thanks for the reblog. You are too nice! Kisses for Pearl!

    • Wow-Cheeky is teeny! Cutie pie! pearl is usually around 76 grams (when Mom moderates his waffle intake properly) and I’m told he is small for a tiel. Thanks for reading and the kind words-kisses back to Cheeky from us! πŸ™‚

  28. LOVE this. I am going to steal the idea if you don’t mind. My sweet little guy is 8 years old and I can’t stand the thought of losing him. We love keeping up with you and Pearl πŸ™‚

  29. Tell Pearl to keep up the faux hawk! Mainly because it’s cute and doesn’t at all make him an ACTUAL hawk….which is good because then I’d have to not visit the blog anymore due to hawks’ number one mission in life being to eat me when they sense my fear!

    • Thanks! That was my contribution to our little project, actually! πŸ™‚ A fellow parront shared that twist-ties often contain lead and can be deadly to birds, so I looked around for something relatively indestructible and plastic and …. voila! πŸ˜‰ Love your blog btw – we can all use more comfort and compassion in our lives. Thanks for reading! πŸ™‚

      • I love your blog. I have three rescue parrots, and my don has a cockatiel, so I enjoy seeing how other people interact with their companion parrots. And I ‘ll probably try using hair clasps in the future. Thanks !

  30. My favourite day in Pearls calendar so far!! Those shots are soo adorable, you can see just how much he loves being pampered!

    • He sure does, Phyl – if it weren’t for neck feathers I’m not sure he would give me the time of day! πŸ˜‰ (of course then there’s always waffles, mirrors, millet….)

  31. I know! Mine insist that I stand there and hold it for them (obviously it tastes better this way)…its a bad habit my feathered beings have roped me into. Geez…

  32. Wicker comes in many sizes also, from sofas to window coverings. All can be (easily) altered to be more pleasing for the feathered community.

  33. How on earth have you managed to get Pearl to eat all these different wonderful foods? Did no one tell him that cockatiels are notoriously stubborn about new foods?

  34. Haha! If I disguise it as a toy instead of a “healthy parrot eating snack” he is more apt to go for it. He also likes to watch me eat it first – for about 6 months (or 6 years) – before finally digging in. πŸ˜‰

    • Hi Leah – in all the research I’ve done, I haven’t read anything about the white part being poisonous. The seeds, however, should be removed before an orange is given to birds.

  35. I love it! I’ll have to adapt your line for personal use. Thanks to my formative years In the nuclear industry, I know a lot about nuclear fusion (not fission) but nothing about fashion. Love the ponytail, Pearl!

  36. I would suspect so, Colleen – and I’ve read not to feed egg more than once per week because of the high protein content. Luckily my little guy only nibbles….he just likes having the whole egg to nibble on. πŸ™‚

  37. That color is great for Pearl. You’re very brave to have wicker furniture and a parrot. Our Cockatoo would love for us to buy him such a great bird toy!

  38. Sharron, my twin sister and I recently discovered your blog and are in love! We have a Pearl Cockatiel, who we have lovingly named “Birdish,” The three of us (plus our dog Zvi) live in Nashville, TN. Thank you for sharing a little bit of joy with us each day!

    • Oh how CUTE!! I would love to see pics of Birdish (you can post on Pearl’s Love and Feathers Facebook page if you want to!). Sweet family you have – thanks for reading and sharing! πŸ™‚

  39. I enjoy this everyday. How you come up with different things everyday is amazing. I love your sweet little birdie.

  40. What an amazing set up for Pearl’s roosting. By that look on his face, he’s in heaven, but really making sure no one else tries to move in.

  41. Where do I gear a copy of Pearls book? I enjoy your daily posts so much. My daughter is a teacher and a book on Pearl would be a delight to children everywhere.

  42. Thanks. I hadn’t heard of this film. We have 4 rescue parrots in our home (I’m at my practical limit), but recognize some of the problems out there. I’ll watch this tomorrow!

  43. Hahahaa! Love this one Pearl, ur a very good actor also and some of those big names could learn a lot from u!πŸ˜ƒ

  44. Pika did this tonight with my toast, and last night he tried to jump directly into my grilled cheese. He’s the poison tester, you see. And sometimes it takes two or three or ten nibbles to really know for sure whether or not the humans are eating tainted food. πŸ˜›

    • You are lucky to have such a conscientious tester as Pika! Of course grilled cheese must be put to particularly rigorous tests….on account of it being extra delicious.:)

  45. Glad to read the post and discover it wasn’t about Pearl discovering yet another form of avian cannibalism–poached eggs. (The title had me worried for a sec!) Shew! I can rest easy now. Which I know is exactly what you intended when writing the post….:-)

    • Haha! You just never know what a highly skilled poacher (with feathers) might ingest on any given day. I wouldn’t put poached eggs past him (since he already favors scrambled and “sunny side up”) πŸ™‚

  46. He took his assignment very seriously and did such a good job! I am sure his grandma (the small tree) will appreciate his effort.;)

  47. Happy Anniversary to the Tall and Short Tree and many many more. They do have such a beautiful and adoring feathered grandchild.

  48. Thanks so much Jeanne and Budgie Makes Three – Pearl will (loudly) pass along your best wishes….just as soon as he gets done singing an extended (loud) solo to his grandparents! πŸ™‚

  49. Best Birthday wishes to Pearl’s grandma and sharer of my birthday also. May she have a wonderful day filled with love of a doting grandchild and family!!

    • Jeanne,

      Best birthday wishes to you as well. And thank you so much for your lovely note to me on my birthday. Birthdays are so special and I appreciate your lovely comments.

      • Barbara, Jeanne – thanks so much for adding your special birthday wishes to Pearl’s (and his doting mommy’s)! Every day feels like a birthday when you add feathers – and feather loving friends and Grandmas! Happy birthday Mom!! πŸ™‚ xo

  50. LOL! However, little Pearl in true cockatiel fashion found the carboholic portion of the mediterrean dinner. My new little girl Chloe however is teaching Charlie that the protien portion can be quite good also especially if it comes in the form of scrambled eggs with a hint of feta.

  51. Oh yes there is a definite hierarchy in the world of siblings. He who was always first shall remain always first! Unless, the youngest puts up a big fuss and then well maybe it’s ok.

    • Excellent point, Jeanne – and of our two, the one with the feathers is definitely more inclined to put up a big fuss (whether there is cause or not) πŸ˜‰

  52. Shannon I found a cute video on YouTube called Cockatiel sings Neighbor sings Totoro and I don’t know how to send it directly to you, but if you want to see it on my FaceBook timeline page.

  53. Oh my! I am so glad Pearl pointed that out. I would have been silly enough to use the other side also;) But you can see the sheer prettiness in the reflection of the right side!

  54. Pearl you did a very th orough job indeed. I see a promotion in the near future to Head of Intelligence.

  55. Yes, Pearl my Charlie agrees with you sometimes the service is just to slow and one needs to take control! Good self-service skills!

  56. Oh Pearl stand up for your rights! Did you see the luscious food the intruder was eating? Hmmm I think your Mom gave you some of the same. Although I am sure you would have preferred Waffles more. Carbs rule! Feeling your pain, signed Charlie. P.S. consider yourself lucky Mom brought home a feathered intruder Chloe and she is a real pain! She eats my cheerios!!

    • Wow – that is a good point, Jeanne – poor Charlie! Cheerios theft cannot be tolerated! Maybe now Pearl will stop complaining so much about Malti….one can always hope. πŸ˜‰

    • Awww – thanks so much for the kind words, Norah – it is hard to even find time to write them, with so much prettiness to admire right in our own casa! πŸ˜‰

  57. Hello Pearl!
    You are a very pretty boy!
    I hope you don’t mind myself (Robin) & Koda (my baby) joining you here.
    Koda is a Patagonian Conure.
    ‘Once-upon-a-time’ Koda had to learn prettiness. She was lonely and pulled her feathers out.
    Now she is loved & happy. But only has feathers on her head, wings & tail.
    She has a very pretty bare self that is soft, warm & smells like sweet spices!
    She loves the ‘pretty Koda in the mirror’!
    Kisses from us!
    Robin & Koda

    • Koda sounds SO pretty – and so lucky to have you, Robin! Thanks so much for joining us here – I love imagining Koda admiring “pretty Koda in the mirror”!! xo

    • Thanks so much for pointing this out! Luckily these aren’t curtains per se (just to reassure us both) – it is just a swatch of fabric I threw over one of those adjustable beams. But I didn’t realize some curtains have lead and I hope other readers will benefit from your comment as well!!

  58. Following your daily adventures puts a smile on my face every day. I know where to look when I need a good smile or chuckle. So I just want to thank you for your devotion to one another.

    • Hi Katrina – I’m so glad you find reliable smiles and joy by following Pearl’s adventures – my experience is exactly the same and I’m so happy to share him with you! πŸ™‚

  59. Yes, Pearl you are the King of the Kitchen Jungle! You have a very royal and stately presence and notice how your willing slaves give in to your every whim and pleasure.

  60. Oh Pearl you are definitely a manly man! Don’t wish for a ladybird because you know the old saying be careful what you wish for. Since Mom brought Chloe home, I am constantly trying to escape our nest. In fact , I was able to climb out of my bird feeder door and now mom is muttering about having to have a combination lock on the door to keep me in but a man needs his alone time!! Well, maybe I can make her feel bad and make me waffles”. signed Charlie

    • Haha – Jeanne, that is a GREAT point! Poor Charlie – sounds like he is in desperate need of a man cave (nest) too!! Waffles would definitely help too. πŸ™‚

      • Yes, I am going to show him Pearl’s and see if that would make him happy. I think Pearl has the hang of the man cave.

  61. Ever since Harley saw earlier pictures of the Wafflenator my waffles always look like this! Thanks!? I think……

  62. Whoa, a wafflenator, watch out all you waffles!!! Reminds me of a Pongonator!!

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  63. Oh yes quite delightful and delicious. However, I see lots of cleaning and baths in the future. Hmmm maybe I’m physcic. No owned by birds. LOL

  64. Aw! I offered Kiki watermelon the other day but he wasn’t interested. He doesn’t seem to a fan of fresh foods that are too wet. His favorite summer treat is corn on the cob. Does Pearl like corn, too?

  65. Those glasses are fabulous, not quite as beautiful as Pearl though!!

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  66. Oh my! What will happen? Will there be another act? The horror of feathers as the curtain closed! Bravo Pearl. A great performance as always!

  67. For a moment, I thought it was the real man in black and then I realized it was Pearl being ever the trend setter.