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When Shannon Cutts and Pearl first met, she was still mourning the sudden passing of her first cockatiel, Jacob. The last thing she wanted was to fall in love with another baby parrot!

But one look at the tiny grey ball of fluff as he cowered in a corner to avoid being bullied by his bigger and stronger nest mates, and Shannon just knew – they belonged together.

A lifelong parrot lover but by no means experienced at caring for cockatiels, Pearl quickly becomes the teacher and Shannon, his willing and eager student.

From negotiating victuals preferences to socializing with the parrot-phobic, making home improvements to avoiding the dreaded V.E.T., Shannon learns from her feathery sidekick how to meet his basic needs, offer extra enrichment, nurture and care for him, and be nurtured and cared for in return.

Pearl, in turn, opens a window for Shannon into a refreshing new world full of self-acceptance, self-respect, trust, laughter, love, and FUN. In Pearl’s world, everyone is a potential new friend, every mirror reflects prettiness, every meal is a celebration of good food and good company, and each new day is a great day to celebrate being YOU.

Many years after their first meeting, Shannon and Pearl are still blissfully joined at the beak. Love & Feathers is their story.

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