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I have been called a lot of things….

…..but “box turtle whisperer” is hands-down my favorite. 

Shannon Cutts Bruce rescued box turtle
My precious rescued boy, Bruce, took three long years before he decided to trust me – it was totally worth the wait!

Since I was eight I have been sharing my life with parrots and turtles. First it was a parakeet named Perky and a red-eared slider named Red (super-creative, right?).

But hey, I was 9 at the time and he had cute red stripes on either side of his adorable oval head.

When we set Red free to roam in a local nature sanctuary, he turned around and tried to follow me. I cried. But he deserved his freedom and I knew I had hogged his company for long enough.

I still believe that. And I still miss him.

Today, my feathered companion is my 22-year-old cockatiel soulbird, Pearl, who I raised from a five-week-old chick. Malti is my redfoot tortoise sidekick. And Bruce – sweet brave Bruce – is my rescued 3-toed box turtle.

I love them and their kind with all my heart. Truth: right now I am typing this to you with cockatiel poop on my thumb. Who does that?

Me. Because…


Let’s talk about that.

Your support here on Patreon sets me free to spend more time with Pearl, Malti and Bruce helping them do what they do – serving as ambassador animals to their kind. I don’t know if I am really a box turtle whisperer (although I have to admit the thought both humbles and thrills me).

But I do know I am animal-sensitive and extremely aware that I need their company far more than they need mine.

And my goal is to help them get the word out through photos, videos, blog posts, livestreams, care guides, Q&As, mentoring and anything else we need to do to create a world where parrots, turtles and tortoises are safe to live and thrive alongside humans.

Join us? Please?

With great respect and love,

Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mama (me, Shannon)

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Published by Shannon Cutts

Animal sensitive and intuitive with Animal Love Languages. Parrot, tortoise and box turtle mama. Dachshund auntie.

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