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Day 365: It’s Day 365 – Where Should We Go Next?

The large featherless being here..... Oh boy oh is Day 365....again! Today marks the end of not one but TWO full cycles of "365 Days of Pearl." WOW. This means you've read (and Pearl's mommy has written) a grand total of 730 back-to-back blog posts - each of which has featured someone very fetching … Continue reading Day 365: It’s Day 365 – Where Should We Go Next?

Day 119: Closet

Sometimes when you are freshly showered, you feel especially confident. This can be a great time to try out your new daring "high wire" moves in Mommy's closet. If you happen to poop on a few items during the performance, so be it (performing can be stressful, especially with the paparazzi always lurking about). Author: … Continue reading Day 119: Closet

Day 118: Beet Greens!

There is a reason Moms tell their kids (feathered and non-feathered) to eat their greens. Greens make your legs (wings) big and strong. Greens can turn your mouth (beak) dark green (which is cooooool). And.....drumroll please.....greens can make you even PRETTIER. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 117: Flamingos

Nothing says "I'm the prettiest" like a little healthy competition. Say your large featherless sidekick has somewhat of a, um, thing for flamingos. Each time she carries you into your kitchen, there they are again - big ones, small ones, short ones, tall ones, metal ones, stuffed ones - she even has a flamingo candle! … Continue reading Day 117: Flamingos

Day 116: The Talent

There is a reason high-level celebrities are known to be somewhat....high strung. It takes dedicated daily effort to deliver your best performance every time - not to mention stay looking so pretty. Sometimes you might get grumpy if you are interrupted during (yet another) practice or personal grooming session. But as "the talent," you know … Continue reading Day 116: The Talent

Day 114: Fine Dining

Today's "fast food" lifestyle seems to have all but eradicated the lost art of "fine dining." When you dine in style, it is different from wolfing down a meal on the go. First, you want to introduce yourself to the dish - get to know one another. This is just polite. Next you can carefully … Continue reading Day 114: Fine Dining

Day 113: Roosting

Roosting is not as easy as it looks. First, you have to find an advantageous spot - such a spot will have ample protection from the elements, a good vantage point for covert opps (such as stalking the featherless being's victuals), and of course the comfort of a stable perch. Plus you need to be … Continue reading Day 113: Roosting

Day 112: Courting

Courting is an ancient art. Luckily, it is still preserved even in these casual modern times. When you find someone lovely enough to court, the first thing you want to do is bow. Only after observing the formalities are you free to admire your beloved thoroughly. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 100: Friendship

When you have feathers, everyone loves you. This can make your social life feel quite hectic. Sometimes you might be going about your day, but then one of your close friends shows up. So being the sociable being you are, of course you stop what you are doing to greet them. Offering heartfelt compliments can … Continue reading Day 100: Friendship

Day 97: Hide N Seek

Hide 'n seek hasn't endured as a favorite game for no reason. The reason is, it is very fun. What makes it even more fun is when you are seeking for tasty treats. But the most fun is when your large featherless assistant doesn't realize you are playing hide n' seek for your treats. Author: … Continue reading Day 97: Hide N Seek


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