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Monday Happys: Happy New Year!

Every so often, when you get really lucky, the first day of a whole, fresh new year falls on a Monday. This means you can really start out your new year on the right foot. For instance, you don't have to do any "work" (on account of how no one thinks going to "work" makes … Continue reading Monday Happys: Happy New Year!

Wet Bird Couture: The Pterosaur

Not all dinosaurs were large and land-bound. In fact, the most evolved amongst the ancient vertebrates ruled the sky rather than the ground. Called "Pterosaurs," these winged dinosaurs had powerful muscles, lived in flocks, and laid eggs. Some also had crests. The fierce Thalassadromeus had the largest crest of any winged dinosaur - three times larger … Continue reading Wet Bird Couture: The Pterosaur

Day 359: Free the Pastries

Having feathers and being a humanitarian just goes hand-in-hand. For example, say you happen upon a bag full of imprisoned pastries. You don't question, don't hesitate, don't second-guess your instincts. You just get right to work to set them free! Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts p.s. You can help Pearl free pastries (and waffles, and … Continue reading Day 359: Free the Pastries

Day 358: Diving for Dinner

Some species (with feathers) like to forage for their victuals by flying down out of the sky to nab choice portions. Other species (with feathers) prefer to graze along the ground, dine "in tree," or pilfer from another's snack stash. And some feathery diners prefer to simply dive straight into their dinner - subduing and ingesting in one … Continue reading Day 358: Diving for Dinner

Day 357: Right Away, No Waiting

When all of life is a (feathery) stage, "now" is obviously the best time to begin basking in the spotlight's warm glow. As such, when you have feathers, your life's motto could easily be: "Right away, no waiting!" For example..... Rumbling tummy? It must be time to eat right away, no waiting. Fancy a drink of … Continue reading Day 357: Right Away, No Waiting

Day 346: Grilled Cheese Descent

As an aerodynamic feathered being who prefers to keep to the heights (both for safety's sake and also to be the first to know about breaking news below), not every dish is worth making the effort of a full scale descent. In fact, only two dishes regularly make the "must descend" dish list. The first will … Continue reading Day 346: Grilled Cheese Descent

Day 345: A Very Shiny Intruder

For beings who are naturally quite pretty and photogenic, "shinier" is always better. However, even when you are very shiny and reflective, it is just common courtesy to knock first before entering. Failure to complete this necessary social formality can result in a slightly (much) less friendly reception than you had hoped for. Author: Shannon … Continue reading Day 345: A Very Shiny Intruder

Day 344: Photo Shoot “Extras”

One way brand new aspiring models get industry experience is by serving as "extras" for famous supermodels. In this role, the new model gets resume-worthy photo credits, plus a first-hand glimpse of a famous and successful supermodel at work. The supermodel, meanwhile, gets to enjoy the flattering slavish admiration of the novice models, while also adding color … Continue reading Day 344: Photo Shoot “Extras”

Day 343: The Drink of Champions

Everyone knows hydration is one of the keys to maintaining sleek feathery prettiness. Not to mention ensuring optimally soft pink feet and a smooth curved beak. Plus, fresh water is tasty....especially when it is accompanied by the level of personalized customer service to which you've become accustomed. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts  

Day 342: The Lettuce Offensive

Each fall, many featherless beings begin gathering in large groups around an equally large rectangular flashing thing. The good news is, they serve lots of crunchy, crispy snacks - exactly the sort you most enjoy. The bad news is, they can get kind of rowdy. And (frankly) loud. Worst of all, they always watch the same boring … Continue reading Day 342: The Lettuce Offensive


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