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The large featherless being here....and wow! It's December already! This year we've already given away 11 books, each personally beak-o-graphed by none other than Pearl himself. This is the last month to win a FREE book and all you have to do to enter is post your comment here! May the feathers be with you! <3 Big … Continue reading Happiness Is…. (WIN A FREE BOOK MONDAY)

Day 361: Extreme Pumpkin Art

There is art....and then there is good art. And then, of course, there is one-of-a-kind art - the kind of art usually only beings with feathers can create. When the artistic medium itself is also highly unusual, you just can't even predict how much the finished masterpiece will go for. And once you add in the … Continue reading Day 361: Extreme Pumpkin Art

Day 328: Working with Wicker

For talented artists (with feathers), the medium you choose to work with will define you perhaps as much as your creations themselves. For example, say your medium of choice is wicker. There are very few artists who work with wicker. Wicker is also notoriously difficult to work with. So you can expect any work you produce … Continue reading Day 328: Working with Wicker

Day 120: The Egg Artiste

Only the most daring and edgy of artists work with the most difficult artistic mediums. For instance, you won't find too many examples of fine original art using waffles...or wicker. This is because both mediums are extremely challenging to use. But what really sets the true "artiste" apart from the flock is an ability to create great … Continue reading Day 120: The Egg Artiste

Day 110: Wicker Art

Being a great artist means making a daily commitment to practice your craft. On many days, you may make tiny tweaks, work on a new technique, or brainstorm new ideas. On other days, you may enjoy the triumph of finishing up a masterpiece. Of course, these are the days when you want to have the … Continue reading Day 110: Wicker Art

Day 331: Michelangelo (with feathers)

The greatest all-time artists have allowed no obstacle to limit their creative vision. Take, for instance, Michelangelo. Considered the consummate "Renaissance man" and the greatest artist of his generation, Michelangelo thought nothing of working upside down for four years to paint the Sistine Chapel. In the same way, great modern artists who seek to explore the intersection … Continue reading Day 331: Michelangelo (with feathers)

Day 329: Artistry Under Wraps

When you are a talented artist (with feathers), you know imitators are always keen to nab your original designs and claim them for their very own. For this reason, when you are working on an innovative new art project, you want to keep it hidden from prying eyes until you are absolutely sure you are … Continue reading Day 329: Artistry Under Wraps

Day 230: Aerial Act

Some aerial acrobats seem to feel compelled to put on complex displays of death-defying skill. This, of course, is the best choice when you are do not have enough charisma to hold the audience's attention through simpler means. But truly accomplished aerial acrobats know audiences don't come to see feats of daring and bravery. They come to … Continue reading Day 230: Aerial Act


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