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Day 351: Pumpkin Patch

In the fall, and typically just before the big candy distribution festival, featherless folks in possession of pumpkins like to use them to raise funds (presumably to afford all that candy). They call an event like this a "pumpkin patch." Of course, during these events, it is every pumpkin for itself. For this reason, the … Continue reading Day 351: Pumpkin Patch

Day 76: Waffle Art

Many of the greatest artists have selected one preferred medium. Some prefer paint on canvas. Others sculpt with marble or shape with clay. Still others - but only the edgiest of modern innovators - opt for the "waffle." This most difficult of creative mediums requires a skill level few possess. Firm and crispy on the outside, … Continue reading Day 76: Waffle Art

Day 331: Michelangelo (with feathers)

The greatest all-time artists have allowed no obstacle to limit their creative vision. Take, for instance, Michelangelo. Considered the consummate "Renaissance man" and the greatest artist of his generation, Michelangelo thought nothing of working upside down for four years to paint the Sistine Chapel. In the same way, great modern artists who seek to explore the intersection … Continue reading Day 331: Michelangelo (with feathers)

Dance of the Laptop

My parrot is very artistic. Creative. Talented. He is also an excellent dancer. And extremely dedicated to whatever he does ... or wants. For instance, when Pearl loves something, he would no sooner follow STING's advice ("If you love someone set them free") than he would offer me that stalk of crunchy millet I just … Continue reading Dance of the Laptop

Introduction: Wet Bird Couture

If anything cuter than a freshly showered cockatiel exists, I have yet to see it. Except for perhaps pictures of baby cockatiels. Or baby cockatiel eggs. Or mommy and daddy cockatiels tending baby cockatiel eggs and feeding baby cockatiels. Or pretty much any picture of Pearl. But I am getting off-topic..... The freshly showered cockatiel … Continue reading Introduction: Wet Bird Couture


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