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Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “Partners”

There is a reason so many top secret agents like to work alone. Adding other beings into the mix also adds complications galore. During training seminars, experienced "black ops" agents are often called up to explain the importance of working alone to the new recruits. When this can be done in the form of a … Continue reading Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “Partners”

Day 215: Dining “in Shell”

When featherless beings are very young, they curl up inside a round object that comes pre-installed with everything they could ever need - food, shelter, warmth. Even after hatching, their parents feed them through an easy-peasy process called "beak grabbing" - when the adult upchucks partially digested delicacies right into the baby's open and waiting beak. It … Continue reading Day 215: Dining “in Shell”

Day 127: Meeting Your Heroes

It is an exciting day indeed when you finally come face to face with one of your heroes. For so long you have dreamed of this moment....and then all of a sudden they are standing right in front of you in the feathers! You may feel tongue-tied....even shy. You may want to give a bow....or gush. … Continue reading Day 127: Meeting Your Heroes


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