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Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

If there is one game gratitude really loves, it is "hide n seek." This game is so fun! What you do is, you find a being who is clearly feeling grumpy and un-grateful, and then you tiptoe up behind them and jump on them. (This is almost as fun as flinging birdseed or millet or … Continue reading Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

Day 212: Bird with a Biscuit

Give any random featherless being a choice between a bowl of raw veggies and a thick slab of toast dripping in butter, and it won't take a trained researcher to¬†predict what they will choose. In the same way, if you give any random feathered being a choice between a dish of dry bird food and … Continue reading Day 212: Bird with a Biscuit

Day 63: The Biscuit Model

As previously discussed in detail, when you are a famous and feathery supermodel, often you will be called in for specialty photo shoots featuring "props." If there are many clients vying for your services on the same day, the type of props may well determine which contract you accept. Let's say on one particular day, … Continue reading Day 63: The Biscuit Model

Day 61: Biscuit Day

In some countries, the day after Christmas is called¬†"Boxing Day." This tradition arose because, in decades past, personal assistants would spend the actual day of Christmas serving their bosses. Then, on the day after Christmas, they would be rewarded for their service with a "Christmas box." In more modern times, this tradition has become what … Continue reading Day 61: Biscuit Day


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