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Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “The Waffle Imposter”

Being famous and feathery can be harder than it looks. For example, some fans will do anything - truly - to gain a personal audience with you. This can quickly get very frustrating....especially if you are already feeling, well, peckish when they arrive. Love & Feathers is proud to present the world-famous and celebrated feathery … Continue reading Thursday Thriller: Pearl Cutts in “The Waffle Imposter”

Day 190: Cod! Take 2

A true gourmand (with feathers) can struggle sometimes to find enough new tasty dishes to satisfy his sensitive palate. This can be especially problematic when your large featherless personal assistant is neither talented nor inventive in the kitchen. Luckily, sometimes you can find a kindred spirit elsewhere - such as in your Grandma (aka the … Continue reading Day 190: Cod! Take 2

Day 169: Cod!

While the feathered and featherless species undeniably have many differences, luckily there is one hobby they share in common. They both love dining. They also both love trying new exotic cod, for instance. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts  


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