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Presents from Parrots: Sous Chef

Parrots are very giving and generous. Whatever they have, they want to share it. If they love you, they want to share it even more….and share even more of it. This means that once you welcome a being with feathers into your life, every day is like your birthday. You will get surprise presents just … Continue reading Presents from Parrots: Sous Chef

When You Love Somebody

"When you love somebody," Sting sings, "....set them free." As if. When you REALLY love somebody, you always make sure they get first dibs on the Small Chef's newest delicacies. Like so. With love (& lots of feathers), Shannon & Pearl

Pearl Answers Your Questions: French Toast or Waffles

The large featherless being here.... One of the (many) best perks of being personal assistant to a VIP client with feathers is nonstop opportunities to learn. Now we are delighted to announce Pearl has opened up the Q&A line to YOU, his VIP fans! Ask him anything - we guarantee you he has an answer! To submit … Continue reading Pearl Answers Your Questions: French Toast or Waffles

Day 360: Waffle Connoisseur

Very few beings today can claim the title of "waffle connoisseur." So it goes without saying that those who can are in hot demand. From taste-testing to modeling, consulting to endorsing, the waffle connoisseur's days are full of....well....waffles. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts   p.s. Pearl is very excited about his new online SHOP!  He invites … Continue reading Day 360: Waffle Connoisseur

Day 263: Not Waffles

Sometimes your large featherless assistant gets it into her head to cook. While (thankfully) these occasions tend to be rare, they are never uneventful. And they seldom produce the results you were hoping for. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts p.s. FREEBIE ALERT! Read the introduction & 3 full chapters from Pearl’s new book – absolutely FREE! ==> Click … Continue reading Day 263: Not Waffles

Day 197: The Cookbook Model

Many celebrities who retain the services of a personal assistant expect that assistant to prepare their meals. But even when your personal assistant has shown inverse aptitude for this particular task, and even after you have specifically excluded (bolded AND highlighted) it from her employment contract, occasionally she may still attempt to cook. This is to … Continue reading Day 197: The Cookbook Model

Day 36: Helping Mom in the Kitchen

When the flock member in charge of your meals is "cooking-challenged,"  you just never know what she may bring home. One day it may be sacks of homemade emergency rations straight from Grandma's kitchen (for which, thankfully, no preparation is required). Another day it might be cartons of those round white things you like (which seem … Continue reading Day 36: Helping Mom in the Kitchen

Day 323: Consoling the Small Chef

When you have feathers, the ways and habits of the featherless beings may seem odd at first, but in time they grow on you. Especially endearing are the ones who dote on all things feathery. Luckily, these special featherless beings are easy to recognize. They are the ones who live to prepare your meals, protect … Continue reading Day 323: Consoling the Small Chef

Day 273: When Mom Cooks

Living with a large featherless housemate definitely has its perils. For instance, sometimes Mom decides she is in the mood to do something called "cooking." Your grandma, Chef Small Tree, is an excellent cook. Your mom.....isn't. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 167: Club Sandwich

Occasionally the large featherless waitress will serve your dinner to you in a clear plastic container instead of in her bowl or on her plate (which is the way you usually take it). These dinners tend to be especially prime and delicious....not to mention that a break from her brand of "cooking" is always welcome. Author: … Continue reading Day 167: Club Sandwich


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