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Day 253: Get Fit with Baked Goods

It can be¬†tough being in the public eye all the time. Fans can even get the wrong idea about your lifestyle and personal habits. For instance, sometimes fans might think that just because you often pose with culinary favorites like waffles, muffins, and (whole loaves of) freshly baked bread, this means all you ever do … Continue reading Day 253: Get Fit with Baked Goods

Day 242: Afters

In British English, the term "afters" refers to, well, dessert. Or whatever the diner might like to have next after dining on dinner. In avian English, "afters" carries the same basic meaning. Only the specifics of what the diner prefers for his afters may be somewhat, um, different. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts


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