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Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

Every day offers another chance to feel grateful. Thank goodness! Gratitude is always there, even when it sometimes feels like no one else is. Gratitude only has unconditional love to offer, but not just towards others. Gratitude helps you offer unconditional love to yourself too. For a great example of how wonderful life can become … Continue reading Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

Monday Happys: Mornings

There are so many great reasons to include a feathered being in your life. For instance, feathered beings love to get up in the morning. They may want to sleep in, or they may want to get right up, but once they are ready - well, it is a great day to wake up and … Continue reading Monday Happys: Mornings

Pearl Cutts in “Waffle Questioning”

Being a bona fide black ops agent is challenging even on the best day. So many suspects, so little time. But it gets even harder when the suspects smell quite good and taste even better. This is why not everyone can be .007, pint-sized super spy. It takes stamina and resolve to stay focused on the mission … Continue reading Pearl Cutts in “Waffle Questioning”

The Bird & His Book

It isn't every day that someone fetching and feathery releases his memoir. In a flock made up of featherless beings, there might be the tendency to stop mentioning it after a time, on account of modesty and decorum. But when you have feathers, you know modesty at this juncture is for the (um) birds. This is … Continue reading The Bird & His Book

But First, Your Poll Responses!

We asked and (WOW) 142 of you answered! Pearl's VIP fans ROCK. As you can see, you want more of everything Pearl. Happily, this is something we just happen to have plenty of here at Casa Feathers n Beak. 🙂 Some of you also offered additional ideas & insights, which we are so grateful for: For … Continue reading But First, Your Poll Responses!

Day 359: Guests for Breakfast

For beings with lots of fans, finding enough time to greet everyone can be challenging. For this reason, it can be a good idea to schedule group meet-and-greets during meals. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts   p.s. Pearl is very excited about his new online SHOP!  He invites all of his VIP fans (yes, that means YOU) to … Continue reading Day 359: Guests for Breakfast

Day 352: Pumpkin Winner

For savvy pumpkins that bring in a well-known (feathery) pumpkin model to boost their popularity at the pumpkin patch, it just stands to reason they will be picked as the winner. This, of course, then brings in the well as hordes of devoted fans. The pumpkin assumes all this is because of its big … Continue reading Day 352: Pumpkin Winner

Day 337: Modeling with Leftovers

Being a celebrity dinner guest can be surprisingly problematic. For instance, let's say you discover your soon-to-be dinner is also a big fan of feathers. So then they all insist on getting your personalized beak-o-graph before you dine. All is going well get full. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts   p.s. Pearl is very excited … Continue reading Day 337: Modeling with Leftovers

Day 326: Mouthfuls of Millet

In every society there are some beings that are introverted and others that are extroverted. When you are meeting fans, you can always tell the extroverted beings because they tend to gather in large groups. The larger the group, the more extroverted the beings tend to be. In the largest groups, the beings can be … Continue reading Day 326: Mouthfuls of Millet

Day 285: Operation Preen

After you've just out-alpha'd a bigger (if not bolder) feathered being, it can be good to reinforce your alpha flock status publicly. If you can do this with as much fanfare as possible (here, think fans, paparazzi, minions, assistants, total strangers) even better. For alpha flock leaders who already happen to be famous and feathery, … Continue reading Day 285: Operation Preen

Day 221: The Invisible Muffin Eater

When you are a famous and feathery actor (even one who has received that rarest of accolades, the Golden Waffle Award), deciding how often to release new works is all about strategizing. Too often, and fans may begin to take your talent for granted. Not often enough, and you risk being overshadowed by lesser (and … Continue reading Day 221: The Invisible Muffin Eater

Day 189: Photo Shoot “With Gift”

While opening gifts sent from adoring fans is very fun indeed, what is even more fun is doing your "thank you" photo shoots. (After all, the best "thank you" gift you could ever send to your VIP fans is always a picture of you looking very cute!) Love & Feathers wants to thank Liz Trupin … Continue reading Day 189: Photo Shoot “With Gift”


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