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Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

If there is one game gratitude really loves, it is "hide n seek." This game is so fun! What you do is, you find a being who is clearly feeling grumpy and un-grateful, and then you tiptoe up behind them and jump on them. (This is almost as fun as flinging birdseed or millet or … Continue reading Tuesday Gratefuls: Pearl & Shannon Share

When You Love Somebody

"When you love somebody," Sting sings, "....set them free." As if. When you REALLY love somebody, you play as many rounds of "I Spy My Breakfast" as they want to play, no matter how much your own tummy may be grumbling! Like so. With love (& lots of feathers), Shannon & Pearl

Day 18: I Spy

Many young beings (both feathery and featherless) enjoy playing a game called "I Spy." In this game, they might call out descriptions (but not names) of different things they spy. Clues might include "it starts with the letter 'E'," or "it is round and white," or "it is quite tasty." The more detailed the clues … Continue reading Day 18: I Spy

Day 298: The New “Go Fetch”

Being born with feathers tends to coincide with naturally keen powers of observation - especially when it comes to the ways and habits of neighboring species. And after years of living side by side with furred and featherless beings alike, it would be impossible for you not to notice certain predictable patterns. For instance, one game they … Continue reading Day 298: The New “Go Fetch”

Day 231: Ownership

Establishing ownership can be a touchy subject. Even if you are extremely cute (which obviously means you have feathers) sometimes the large featherless being can be surprisingly grumpy about giving your things back. One of your things she has particular trouble letting go of is the silver flat rectangular glowing thing with the nice reflective mirror and tasty keys. … Continue reading Day 231: Ownership

Day 220: I Spy Waffles

When you have feathers and the whole flock is gathered together, a fun group game you can play is called "I Spy Waffles." This game is very easy to play, and game rules dictate that no matter which player spies the waffles first, the littlest player gets first dibs. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 182: King of the Cage

Little kids enjoy playing a game called "King of the Mountain." They think it is fun to scamper up a hill and fight off marauders so they can claim the hill for their very own. What is even more fun, however, is to play a new and improved game called "King of the Cage." While … Continue reading Day 182: King of the Cage

Day 156: Which One is Mommy’s Favorite?

Just having feathers automatically makes you a favorite choice for all sorts of fun games. An especially great game to play is called "Which One is Mommy's Favorite?" Once you master it, you can play all day long. Here is what to do. First, just stand next to an object. Next, look very cute (this … Continue reading Day 156: Which One is Mommy’s Favorite?


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