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Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Arugula

If it is possible for a tortoise to be a foodie, then Malti is a foodie. She really loves to eat. During the rare moments when she's gotten her beak on some "people" food, she has reliably gobbled down as much of it as she could before her mama was able to extract it. Not … Continue reading Malti Explains Redfoot Tortoises: Arugula

Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Diet

Different species of turtles and tortoises like to eat different types of victuals. For instance, if you are a box turtle, you like protein. You especially like it when it is live and wriggling and you can hunt it. If you are a box turtle named Bruce and you see a plump, live, wriggling prey, … Continue reading Bruce Explains Box Turtles: Diet

Video Wednesday: “The Master Forager”

It is a big responsibility to be feathery and famous and have flocks of fans (both feathered and featherless). You have so much to do – preening, showering, chowing, nesting, napping….. Occasionally you also star in videos. For this installment of “Video Wednesday,” Love & Feathers is proud to present Pearl Cutts in “The Master Forager.” Enjoy! 🙂 … Continue reading Video Wednesday: “The Master Forager”

Signaling Fullness

As far as selecting a large featherless personal assistant, the general principle is "the more attentive, the better." But this is not always the case when it comes to dining. For example, let's say your particular large featherless assistant tends to assume you are hungry whenever she is. She also likes to see you finish … Continue reading Signaling Fullness

Day 347: Steamed Greens

There are many things about featherless culture that can feel somewhat....mystifying. For example, they like to take true menu classics - like fresh and crispy leafy greens for instance - and, well, customize them. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts   p.s. Pearl is very excited about his new online SHOP!  He invites all of his VIP … Continue reading Day 347: Steamed Greens

Day 292: Pilfered Greens

After living so long with a large featherless assistant waiting on you hand and foot, it is easy to get bored with being served all the time. But pilfering from someone else's portion - well, that never gets boring. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 261: Greens Reconnaissance

According to the U.S. Army FM 7-92, Chap. 4, "reconnaissance" means: ...a mission to obtain information by visual observation or other detection methods, about the activities and resources of an enemy or potential enemy, or about the meteorologic, hydrographic, or geographic characteristics of a particular area. So basically what this means is that if you spy … Continue reading Day 261: Greens Reconnaissance

Day 197: Greens Kill

Some beings (usually the undiscriminating ones with fur) like to dine on roadkill. In these cases, typically they rely on others to off their dinner (sometimes hours or even days prior to their meal). When you have feathers, however, you naturally possess a much more discriminating palate. Ergo, you prefer to first personally kill and then … Continue reading Day 197: Greens Kill

Day 86: Watercress!

Someone's doting Grandma recently bought him a handful of "living watercress." It didn't live that long. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day Six: Green (Greens)

Most every being has a favorite color. Mine happens to be blue. For my feathery sidekick, however, it is all about the green. Greens. The most delicious greens fall into two categories: unauthorized and handfed. The former are easy to identify as they are usually located in the center of an unattractive round plastic dirt-filled … Continue reading Day Six: Green (Greens)


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