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Day 109: Instincts

From time to time, your large featherless caretaker might bring home something she calls "herbs" and you call "houseplant." She will try to disguise the houseplant by placing it in a glass full of water. But your can always rely on your keen predatory instincts to decipher the truth. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 107: Trailblazer

Furniture - especially wicker furniture - is delicious. The fact that the beings without feathers have not developed a taste for it is likely due to delayed evolution (aka, oddly, it is not yet considered socially acceptable to leave the dinner table to go gnaw on the host's tasty new wicker couch). It is not … Continue reading Day 107: Trailblazer

Day 106: Cloaking Device

When you're lucky enough to be born naturally grey, you have certain options that your yellow and orange and green and red counterparts don't enjoy. For instance, anytime you want to sneak up on something (or someone) all you have to do is activate your custom-fitted grey cloaking device. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 96: The Library

Library books are delicious. Crunchy, full of fiber and fun, with clean white pages that can be shredded just so to make the most interesting designs.....and some even have reflective plastic covers (hardbacks are the best for these). Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts

Day 93: True Love

Love knows no barriers. No boundaries. It arises regardless of what species you are or whether other people believe it is possible for your particular species to feel or express true love. Since true love lasts a lifetime, it can be one of the great fulfilling joys of life. When you find enduring love, you … Continue reading Day 93: True Love

Day 85: Defense

It is always good to get the New Year's eating off on a healthy note. Since both members of Casa Feathers N' Beak enjoy steamed greens, they are an easy choice. However, some members of the household have better manners than others. For instance, maybe there is a bowl of freshly steamed greens sitting out … Continue reading Day 85: Defense

When We Cook

Sometimes special occasions demand that individuals who have less natural aptitude for kitchen-related things learn to cook. This is when frozen, take-out or delivered foods can come in handy. But when you do have to prepare any sort of food item for someone you love (whom you do not want to poison) it helps to … Continue reading When We Cook

Steps to Subduing Prey

When you are lucky enough to be born with talons and a sharp beak, there is no sense in not enjoying the heck out of how useful they are. For instance, let's say you are ingesting yet another gourmet breakfast. But then after you've fortified yourself on the "easy morsels" it is time to break … Continue reading Steps to Subduing Prey

Breakfast Selection 101

Regardless of their seed-loving reputation, avians can be very discriminating diners. They are also very vigilant to be sure they get the first and best portions of whatever is being served. For this reason, if you have a refined palate and enjoy sampling the freshest possible selection of delicacies, it can be a smart move … Continue reading Breakfast Selection 101

Avians on Ladders

Just because you have wings and claws and everybody assumes you are made to climb around on ladders all day doesn't mean it is easy. In fact, there is a whole art to making climbing ladders look easy. Most of it has to do with how pretty you are, of course. If no one is … Continue reading Avians on Ladders


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