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Day 231: Ownership

Establishing ownership can be a touchy subject. Even if you are extremely cute (which obviously means you have feathers) sometimes the large featherless being can be surprisingly grumpy about giving your things back. One of your things she has particular trouble letting go of is the silver flat rectangular glowing thing with the nice reflective mirror and tasty keys. … Continue reading Day 231: Ownership

Day 163: Staking Your Claim

In the Wild West, when someone wanted to stake a claim to something they liked, they would run around all over it (or gallop if they had a horse) and then literally stick a stake into it. Thankfully, today it is much easier to declare ownership (as well as less violent). Even better, you don't even … Continue reading Day 163: Staking Your Claim

Day 151: Circle O’ Toys

Being small and very cute with feathers has its perks. For instance, often your doting grandparents (aka the "Tall Tree" and the "Small Tree") like to buy you posh presents. Of course, after your mommy unwraps them and sets them up for you, you must establish ownership so she doesn't mistakenly assume you want to … Continue reading Day 151: Circle O’ Toys

Day 56: Claiming Ownership

When you share a household with other individuals, sometimes it becomes necessary to label your possessions so everyone knows they are yours. There are various methods of claiming ownership - all equally effective in their own way. For instance, you can poop on the item. Even if others try to clean off the poop and … Continue reading Day 56: Claiming Ownership


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