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Nest Ops

Baby parrot eggs are distractingly cute. So are baby parrots. This means intensive training can be necessary to bring nesting security up to the high level required for keeping the whole flock safe. Just as mission training is often called "black ops," in this case the training is called "nest ops." Here, a nest ops … Continue reading Nest Ops

Day 166: New Recruits

Part of why it's so great to be famous (with feathers) is that it is easy to find extra help when you need it....even at the last minute. Say, for instance, you have scheduled an outdoor photo shoot. You are looking very pretty, your large featherless photography assistant has managed to show up on time … Continue reading Day 166: New Recruits

Day 138: Nest Checks

As preparations for another competitive nesting season intensify, the savviest candidates begin their "nesting checks." It is all well and good to have comfy nesting material, interior ambiance, and 24/7 security. But none of that matters if you forget about "curb appeal." For choosy ladybirds, first impressions are everything. Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts p.s. FREEBIE ALERT! Read … Continue reading Day 138: Nest Checks


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