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Monday Happys: Grandma and Grandpa

There are so many great reasons to include a feathered being in your life. For instance, feathered beings are very loving. They are love with wings. They don't care what you look like or whether you are in a bad mood or what you are wearing. They just want to be with you and give … Continue reading Monday Happys: Grandma and Grandpa

Day 326: Mouthfuls of Millet

In every society there are some beings that are introverted and others that are extroverted. When you are meeting fans, you can always tell the extroverted beings because they tend to gather in large groups. The larger the group, the more extroverted the beings tend to be. In the largest groups, the beings can be … Continue reading Day 326: Mouthfuls of Millet

The Movie: “Self-Admiration Society Meeting”

The Movie: "Self-Admiration Society Meeting" Plot Synopsis: The founder and chairman of the Self-Admiration Society calls the first meeting to order (with a little help from an enthusiastic new member).   Author: Shannon Cutts Co-Author: Pearl Cutts


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