Yay! You Joined Our VIP Fanzine!

Yay! Thanks for joining our little flock’s happy e-zine!

You are an official VIP fan, and boy do Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mommy love you!

The Feathers.

The Shells.

Their mommy.


14 thoughts on “Yay! You Joined Our VIP Fanzine!

  1. Valerie Hulst Tupper

    Love all birds! Thru many years I have had 7 cockatiels, 1 Scarlett Macaw & 1 Yellow Nape that are deceased & sadly missed! Presently, I have 1 African Gray, 1 Blue Front Amazon, 1 Green Severe Macaw, 1 Quaker Parrot inside & 75+ Ring Neck Doves in 1 aviary & 75+ Pigeons in another aviary outside! Love your book “Love & Feathers” & following your tales & adventures with Malti & Bruce!


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