Yay! You Joined Our VIP Fanzine!

Yay! Thanks for joining our little flock’s happy e-zine!

You are an official VIP fan, and boy do Pearl, Malti, Bruce & their mommy love you!

The Feathers.

The Shells.

Their mommy.


14 thoughts on “Yay! You Joined Our VIP Fanzine!

  1. What an honor! Thank you so very much. Sure miss the daily pictures and smiles so anxiously await the book!! Enjoy those waffles 😉

  2. Love all birds! Thru many years I have had 7 cockatiels, 1 Scarlett Macaw & 1 Yellow Nape that are deceased & sadly missed! Presently, I have 1 African Gray, 1 Blue Front Amazon, 1 Green Severe Macaw, 1 Quaker Parrot inside & 75+ Ring Neck Doves in 1 aviary & 75+ Pigeons in another aviary outside! Love your book “Love & Feathers” & following your tales & adventures with Malti & Bruce!

Our flock <3s comments! :-)

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