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Is it really here? You bet your hot waffle-maker it is

Pearl and his personal Small Chef cannot wait to share all of their favorite delicacies with all of their VIP fans (aka YOU).

“Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book” is now available to ORDER!

Order now, order often, order copies for you and copies for all your hungry friends!

Pearl is already sharpening his cute curved beak – the better to beak-o-graph your crispy, crunchy book covers! 

Every Copy Helps “Save the Waffles!”

Save the Waffles

Read the Official “Save the Waffles!” Press Release

The truth is, being born cute, photogenic and feathery comes with some advantages….and some disadvantages.

For example, it can be hard to hold the paparazzi’s attention to talk about a cause near and dear to your heart, Save the Waffles!, on account of how the moment you walk out onstage and they see “cuteness,” they all tend to faint dead away.

You might think your campaigning is going so well until you survey the crowd and see they are all “cuteness stunned.” Again. Sigh.

You try to talk about your cause at meet-and-greets with VIP fans, yet when you look out into the vast sea of adoring featherless faces, they all look….starstruck (the few who are still upright, that is).

Chirping softly about it doesn’t help….this just generates a long line of eager ladybirds who are, ahem, to put it politely….looking for love.

And shrieking out your message – well, all that does is bring your panicked large featherless assistant running to rescue and soothe a certain set of clearly ruffled feathers (although to be truthful, that extra toasted waffle snack does make you feel just the slightest bit better).

But the issue still remains – what does an oh-so-suave and solo, vibrant and vivacious, talented and tenacious manly manbird have to do to get the word out about such an urgent need?

Keep trying, of course! So many waffles need saving and there is so little time!

At this point, you may be wondering what YOU can do to help Save the Waffles.

(Of course you are – this is why Pearl’s extended flock is the BEST.)

Order Your Copy of Waffles & More Today

Waffles & More: A Love & Feathers Recipe Book,” is co-written with his Grandma, aka his personal Small Chef.

Every. single. recipe. has been rigorously tested for overall “flavorfulness,” “mouth feel,” “crispiness and crunchiness,” “flingability” and other fine and feathery points that separate the good dishes from the great.

ALL – 100% – of proceeds from sales of “Waffles & More” go to support Pearl’s Save the Waffles! fund.

Speaking of support, why not pop a copy of Pearl’s popular memoir, “Love & Feathers,” into your shopping cart while you’re at it? After all, every book purchase helps Save the Waffles!

Best of all, Pearl will gratefully beak-o-graph your copy (copies) to thank you for your support.

Free beak-o-graphs with every copy – Pearl’s way of saying thanks for saving the waffles!


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